Welcome To The Book Club

There’s nothing more fulfilling than writing a novel. Losing myself in the lives of the characters is something I take immense pleasure in. As I progress creatively, I keep learning about the types of characters and books I want to write.

This page will be ever updating with my new book releases and novel writing e-courses. It will also pay homage to novels from other authors. You can find all of my recommendations in my book club.

The Book Club


This area is regularly updated with book reviews, suggestions and events. In order to write successfully, I truly believe in immersing yourself in as many different novels as possible. This section serves as a culmination of my reading obsession. It’ll hopefully provide a little inspiration for you, too.

  • Aug092018
    never greener ruth jones

    Book Review: Never Greener, Ruth Jones

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    Caroline Allen
  • Nov172017
    Caroline Allen Everyday Tidiness

    Book Review: Everyday Tidiness, 365 Ways To A Decluttered Life

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    Caroline Allen
  • Oct272017

    Book Review: Oprah Winfrey, What I Know For Sure

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    Caroline Allen
  • Oct202017
    Caroline Allen Curated Closet

    Book Review: The Curated Closet, Anuschka Rees

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    Caroline Allen
  • Oct132017
    Caroline Allen Lykke

    Book Review: The Little Book Of Lykke, Meik Wiking

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    Caroline Allen
  • Sep082017
    Caroline Allen Little Black Book

    Book Review, Little Black Book, Otegha Uwagba

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    Caroline Allen

Inside Number 129


Why do I feel so nervous? Eve Leyton questions herself as she’s thrown back into the third year of university. Her best friends hate each other and her new house is something from a horror film!

Determined to make the most of it, Eve throws herself into university life head first, only to land with a bump when she discovers her friends and boyfriend aren’t quite what they seem.

Sick of playing mediator, Eve falls into the path of university heartthrob, Freddie James (and his supermodel girlfriend!)

Inside Number 129 is a fun, romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of university life and a fumbling how-not-to guide of adolescence!

Caroline Allen Inside One Two Nine

Upcoming Projects

I’m currently working on three books; the first is another women’s interest novel about bereavement and the emotional rollercoaster of grief. The second is something I’m ghostwriting, and the third is a Guide To The Krays’ London. I’m working on this historical guidebook with my publishers, Pen & Sword. I’ll keep this area updated with tour and releases dates.

I’m happy to send you further information on any projects I’m working on; you’re welcome to get in touch. Similarly, if you’ve got a project you would be interested in collaborating on, please let me know.


I am trained in recording audiobooks for authors. Generally, I specialise in wellbeing recordings and voiceovers that need a calming approach. If you have an audiobook that you’d like to have recorded, I have all of the equipment to facilitate this and would love to speak to you more about your project.

Ghost Writing

I ghostwrite books on behalf of a select amount of clientele. I only take on projects if I know a lot about the topic at hand. It’s important – both for myself and for you – that I can understand your story. As a result, I suggest an initial consultation followed by a number of ‘discovery days’ in order for us to get to know each other and for me to appreciate your story. Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.


My experience in writing, ghostwriting and journalism gives me an excellent platform to proofread your novel or any other writing. In my proofread, I look for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in order to ensure your novel or piece of writing is in the best shape possible for publication. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Let’s work together to release your potential…

Over the past decade, I’ve developed some plans and skills which I believe make me a better writer. My comprehensive pre-writing plans for both fiction and non-fiction books have served me well and I’d like to share them with you.

My e-courses will be interactive experiences – beautifully designed to help you reach your potential. I look forward to welcoming some of you to my e-courses in the very near future.

Caroline Allen Social Media For Beginners

Social Media For Beginners

This six week course will guide you through the basics of social media, and how to stay safe online.

Caroline Allen Social Media For SME

Social Media For Small Businesses

This eight week course will begin with the principles of social media for business, finishing with building a social media strategy tailored for you.

Caroline Allen Organise Your Life

Organise your life

This six week course will guide you through organising your physical and digital life, for a clearer, fresher outlook on life.

Caroline Allen Self Publish

Self-Publish Your Work

During this three week course, we will work together to go through the steps it takes to self-publish your work. We will work on all aspects from the design to distributing to major retailers.