Book Review: Everyday Tidiness, 365 Ways To A Decluttered Life

Book Review: Everyday Tidiness, 365 Ways To A Decluttered Life
November 17, 2017 Caroline Allen
Caroline Allen Everyday Tidiness

I wanted to include this under my book reviews because I think it’s a great stocking filler Christmas present. It is a book, but not in the normal sense of the word; it doesn’t have an author anywhere I can see.

The premise of Everyday Tidiness is that it gives you a tip a day (for the entire year) to keep your house looking beautifully decluttered. The book itself is well presented and looks great on a bookshelf. I can’t be the only one who buys books based on the design?

Who Is It For?

A lot of people have time off at Christmas, making it the perfect time to start implementing some of the suggestions in this book. I like the way it covers every single aspect of tidiness and none of the 365 suggestions are repetitive.

It’s for people who want to make changes to their routines but perhaps don’t have ample time for a house clear out. It offers little tips which will help you feel that little bit tidier without feeling like you spend your whole life tidying.

Book Review
Good Advice

I don’t want to ruin it too much, but here are five of my favourite suggestions from the book:

  • Put your rolls of wrapping paper upright in a garment bag and hang in the wardrobe.


  • Attach crates painted in attractive colours to the walls of your entryway to create instant storage for boots and shoes.


  • Simplify your surroundings; there’s no need to have lots of the same sort of thing (for example, tea bag packets) lying around. Only have out what you’re currently using and tidy the rest away.


  • Try the coat hanger experiment: To identify wardrobe pieces to clear out, the book suggests you hang all of your clothes on hanger facing in the wrong direction. Whenever you wear an item of clothing, place it back in the wardrobe with the hanger facing the right direction. In six months you’ll know which clothes to discard.


  • Never go up or downstairs empty-handed. Keep a little wicker box at the bottom of the stairs for things that need to be taken up and take it when you go.
Book Review
Quotes & Stats 

As well as a load of good advice, the book pages are filled with quotes – or tips from other people. It also has statistics about tidiness to keep you well informed of some of the benefits to having a cleaner home.

It’s not a book you’d sit down and have a good read of, but it nice to wake up and look at the suggestion each morning and try to implement it. It has increased my awareness of being tidy and how much easier life becomes when you tidy little and often.


As ever, please send over your book recommendations. I will try to put a new post up once per week, so I’ll need plenty to keep me going!

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