I published my first novel Inside Number 129 in 2014 and my second, Behind The Scenes, in 2016. I’m currently working on a third fiction novel and two non-fiction books. I’m currently an author with Pen & Sword Books. My first historical guidebook, The Krays’ London is out now.

Writing has played a huge part in my life thus far. Whether it’s losing myself in novel writing, piecing together an article for a magazine or creating a brand identity, I see writing everyday as a privilege.

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My blog has been running – in various forms – since I was 16. It covers four topics that I feel sum up my areas of interest; wellbeing, travel, lifestyle and careers. These four topics have integrated their way into my everyday.

I write articles and create content for the likes of SUITCASE Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Yahoo!, The Guardian, News UK and The Telegraph. All of my pieces culminate around my four areas of interest.

Similarly, when writing copy and consulting for brands, I always lean towards companies that fall into these four categories. I believe in long-standing relationships and in order to form one, it’s essential that both parties are equally passionate about the other’s work.

“Great people do things before they are ready.”

Amy Poehler